I'm back with my Japan post! I have less that few post till I end my Tokyo Post! Today post will be a little short as I only go to a few places after visit the place. Hope on continue my Harajuku in the last 2 days of my days at Tokyo.

In this post, I visited Ichiran, Kiddyland, and Shibuya crossing too. Was a pretty adventurous and tired too, as the weather is getting cold and freezing too.

Today will be blogging about this one stick Lip Pure Boosts Lip Moisture with 5 Natural Essential Oils, 3 Types of Honey Extracts plus Plant Extracts.

Are you a lip balm lover? Suffer from crack and dry lips all the time? But still, whenever you apply lip balm, is still don't have any improvement? Today I will be sharing a small wonder lip balm that you will definitely need it!

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing to all of you! It's been the truly blessed year of 2016 and look how fast time flies too. We are less than 1 week till 2017. Hope to clear all my pending post before 2016 ended. Something big is going to happen in 2017 too, hope you can continue to follow my journey to 2017 also too.

Back to this short update of my first baking trial together with fellow Butterflies at 19 Culinary Studio! I never bake anything before in my life so been able to join this Christmas Cupcake workshop was really excited too. Hope on to this time travel journey back to my first time baking journey with fellow butterflies at At 19 Culinary Studio.

I had already stop my weekend outfit for a good old 3 weeks!! Need to catching here more on my blog, to conclude my Christmas outfit for this year Christmas Outfit, I will share 2 outfits here in this post. There's a lot of new clothes I bought during 11.11 and I only manage to get my parcel after more than a month. The parcel lateness somehow is a good thing for me. I can have a lot of new outfits to wear coming months till Chinese New Year. For now, I just have to get one cheongsam to wear for Chinese New Year.

Christmas is my favorite season and is the season of love and giving too! Although this Christmas my bf is not here for me, is time for both of us catch up with our friends and family during this Christmas too.

Today post will definitely burn your wallet to a hole, make sure you bear with it or just don't continue to read my post. haha! If you have knew me long enough, you will definitely know that I am a Laneige BB Cushion Fan. True enough when their Holiday Edition out I was so over on it. 

I manage to grab it during their first promotion at Pavilion with RM150 with basic make-up brush set and a duo tone lipstick from Laneige. The original price is RM110 (BB Cushion) and RM75 (Duotone lipstick).When I checking out their collection at the counter, even their skin care set is soo pretty and dreamy. I manage to hold myself to only get the BB Cushion promotion set.

Today will blog about a back to childhood cafe at Mid Valley. When we are a kid we always wanted to grow up faster, but when we are now growing up and we always miss childhood memories. When I visit Reminisce, it definitely brings back a lot of my childhood memories, the games we use to play and the time we no need to worry about the life of adults. Definitely, missing school time and the games we always play with friends in school too. 

Reminisce recently just renovate their cafe. The whole interior of the cafe is very cozy and chilling too. It's time to go back to our Childhood Memory through Reminisce Cafe.

Hello people! Finally, I'm back to blogging and I feel like being restless during work after all the campaign over. 4 Days of neglecting my blog and my Instagram are like the longest day ever. But after this, I will definitely spend more time on my Instagram, Facebook, and my Blog! Miss my time sharing stuff with my lovely readers.

I can't imagine how I actually spend my whole last week working and spending time outside until nighttime without even really rest well. It's time to get my beauty sleep again and pump up for my 2017 Resolution too!

During this time of the festive season, it was really important to get detox for your body! We will go to a lot of Christmas Buffet, New Year Eve Buffet and more. Attending all this buffet will definitely bloat my stomach and having trouble digest food too! Is time to detox and be fit for this festive season.

I always suffer from digest and constipation issues during my previous job. After I leave my previous job, I know how important of detox for our body. Stressful and busy life can cause constipation too, make sure you eat lots of Vegetables and Fruits! And now you can try out Passion D'tox to help your body to detox and slim down too.

As the year comes to an end and the festive season looms ahead, it's the perfect time to gather with family and friends to celebrate. It's time to plan your visit to TEMPTationS, Dynasty Restaraunt (non-halal), Vogues Cafe and Gazebo by the poolside for a diverse selection of flavors for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Can't wait for all this festive to come and enjoy all the yummy buffet together with friends and family members. Although I am not quite a buffet person, but to me Christmas is a very important festive where I can spend time with my family and friends. Exchanging gifts and share love to one another it was the best and happiest moment in life. It's also a time of thankful and forgiving too.

Finally, the Weekend is here and 12.12 is near! I can't wait for this last campaign to be over and gonna clear my leave by end of the year. Before I get overwhelmed by task, I need to update this yummy crab feast post asap too. I was lucky to be able to share and enjoy this crab feast at Restaurant Home Style Kitchen Asam House.

I would highly recommend for those who love seafood because their crabs are really fresh and huge! We enjoy ourselves very much this feast here when we visit Restaurant Home Style Kitchen Asam House.

Hola! Another Weekend Outfit post on a mid week! I literally can't wait for 12.12 over and start to clear my leave during the year end. Anything better than just rest and sleep at home? Today post will be a bit different because I'm blogging about BFF outfit I match with my blogger friend, Lee Shin May do check out her blog and facebook too!

So what do you guys think about matching outfit? What defines a matching outfit? Is it necessary to get all the same color? Same T-shirt or shoes? The answer would be NO! Just try be more creative as possible when you plan out a matching outfit with your loved ones or your friend.

Yeay is PABLO time! As of you all know Pablo is having a grand opening on 6th December 2016 at One Utama. Their first branch is open now at One Utama and hopes for more branch to be open in whole Malaysia. PABLO is origin from Japan and they serve really yummy cheese tart. PABLO also very famous from Japan too!

So yeah now you don't need to fly to Japan to enjoy PABLO Cheese Tart already because now at One Utama you can easily taste this famous cheese tart from Japan!

Midnight posts here about my recently hair treatment with A Cut Above. It was my first-time visit to A Cut Above Salon, the experience in here was really pleasant and fun too. I was introduced by one of their famous Brazilian Keratin Treatment which the result of the treatment is really amazing and surprise me.

Read on to see what have A Cut Above Salon has done to my hair.

Yeah another Japan post out! This time I will bring you'll around Harajuku. I spend my Day 6 at Harajuku, mainly just shopping and visit some of the famous hotspots at Harajuku too! Normally during my travel time, I will spend last few days for shopping. Since I am a shopaholic and I am totally a girl that love Japan clothes and beauty products! 

But it seems like I can't really shop much due to a shortage of time, just manage to shop for the main shopping street. There's a lot more vintage store hidden around Takeshita Street. I am definitely so gonna visit here again.