Day 2 - Bentong Trip

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Hi peeps, continue my second post of my retreat activities on Day 2. Time passes and during the first night, we been separate to groups and fate still bring us together la because we are still in the same group. We discuss our group logo, group value and even group name! So our group is Good Good Love, sound childish but yet so awesome right, haha! The night we been briefing and discussing about our activities Talent time for second night. The next morning we even have some treasure hunt, looking for clue in Kin Tick Orchard Village. I can say that the hot sun at Kin Tick is not a joke, so make sure you put on your sunscreen and lotion before you go explore!

Our breakfast view.
Hey guyssss, continue my Kin Tick trip with Day 1 foodie and swimming fun at swimming pool. My Kin Tick retreat is from 18th of July until 20th of July. Our journey is around 40 minutes but since many of us having breakfast not long ago. We decide to go for the hotspring near by Kin Tick but sadly it still in renovation and we didn't manage to go. Some of our selfie in the car when we are going to gather at church and journey to Bentong.

Trying out our new monopod in the car.

Toki Choi @

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Hi my lovelies, today will share about a online boutique that I love! Recently fall in love with Taiwan fashion style. I notice that this online boutique brings in Taiwan fashion that is ready stock for customer! I totally in love with their cloths, so feminine, sweet yet casual. What I love about Taiwan fashion is their dress, with many sewing details, flower pattern, flowy dress, sheer chiffon material and etc. Their dress always with high quality and the sewing details is so pretty and nice. I always mad love with their design! But the price is quite pricey too, can't always buy alot too. Another thingy I love is their accessories, necklaces, bracelet, earing and even hat! They are really very pretty! Very elegant, class, blink and unique in design as well. I am super obsess with accessories thingy, please forgive me.

Today I will share with you guys some of the cloths sell at Toki Choi in an incredible cheap price but provide high quality for us! I amazed with their design and the price lol, how can they be so cheap because the quality is so good. I actually know about Toki Choi at Rakutan for some time already. But when I saw Jane Chuck blog, she blogged about Toki Choi also and the most important is they are having sales now lol! At first they are having sales RM19.99 for each piece for 48 HOURS only, but now they extended to this SUNDAY. I was overwhelming with the super cheap cloths and wanted to grab all the cloths I heart as many as possible. I will share with you guys about some comfy cloths that I really like and you can't bought it at Malaysia. But with Toki Choi at Rakuten you can simply bought it home. I just bought it on the day the sales start but haven't yet received. 

Kin Tik Orchard Village

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Hola guys, I finally start of my retreat post with the accommodation we stay. I think I will separate to 3 post that will be accommodation, foods and friends! The retreat place we went is at Bentong. We stay at Kin Tick Orchard Village for 3 days 2 night. In this place there were breakfast and dinner provided. But lunch you'll have to went outside Bentong town for foodie! I will write all the foodie on another post ya! Total we have 13 girls and 6 guys only during our retreat. The room we book is Bali House and Stone House. I have a small vlog about the room we sleep at the end of my blog, make sure you scroll finish ya.

The journey from Setapak to Bentong is around 40 to 50 minutes. But we check in that place around 2pm after lunch with some tame boar xD When we reach that place, you have to park your car outside and they have jeep to fetch you inside. One thing with the jeep is there have this small waterfall, if you walk in to Kin Tick, you will have to wet your shoe or leg xD After all the luggage in the jeep, some of us sitting inside the jeep and some was with the luggage.

The road to Kin Tick by walking/ jeep.
Hola guys, another short post about foodie at Cheras. I think I been spending a lot for food this month of July, haha! But is worth the price though, we should just enjoy life while we can. But also must remember take care and count your monthly budget while enjoying good food too, haha! Now back to my food post of the day, no fancy cafes or coffee but we'll have some delicious seafood to be served! Just make sure you keep your stomach full while looking on the food picha!

Fresh seafood in the plastic tray waiting to be eaten! Mostly they are still alive in the water ya.

Coffee Stain by Joseph

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Hi guys, just back from a tiring and relaxing retreat at Janda Baik with ma Church Members. The first day of work really kinda tiring because still not rest enough and not get used to the time wake. Overall the trip is really relaxing and back to nature feel. But for me is still not enough because I still want to be in holiday mood. The trip is very fun as we can enjoy the fun moment together. We been through happiness, fun and teamwork together. Its been a while that I been to camp with friends too! I will update some of the accommodation of that place soon.

Back to my Coffee Stain post, will have some photos about the 3D cafe art that I saw people post at Instagram. When I first wanted to order but I don't see the menu board with any of the 3D art, so you have to ask for the 3D cafe art as well. The 3D cafe art is only available for dark chocolate as well, when I heard it I was thinking will it be bitter since is dark chocolate? But turns out is not bitter at all, is just have some nice sweet chocolate taste. This 3D art required some time to be serve and we waited for around 20 to 30 minutes time. At coffee stain, they have Hello Kitty, Cat and some other cute 3D coffee art to choose. 

Hi peeps, 1 more hour to go for retreat. Just wanted to share a shopping paradise that all the shoppers would love to go. Parkamaya is a shopping place for all the fashionable shop gather together and sell their clothes. Its been quite some time that I thoroughly shopping at Pavilion or even Fahrenheit. This time we are here because of holiday. After lunch we just hanging out here at Pavilion, bought some accessories and crop top at Forever21. I heart some hello kitty shoes at Cotton On but still considering because I have many shoes already! 

This time we even target the Coffee Stain by Joseph at Parkamaya as well. I always saw people post on instagram about the cute 3D coffee art and I wanted try and see it myself so I suggest let's just go there have our coffee time. But this post I mainly will blog about the shopping paradise at Parkamaya. I will do another short post about Coffee Stain at another post. So make sure you guys stay tuned. While waiting for our drinks, I actually shop alone around Parkamaya and I decided to blog about it. I didn't buy anything although I saw some of the clothes that is super pretty and cheap, haha! I shall next time. I'm sorry if I don't know the shop name because Parkamaya is an opened place that they didn't separate shop into a store. I just take photo and share with you guys some of the cloths I heart.

Couple selfie first xD
Hi guys, will be busy this weekend because am going to retreat with my church friends! Hope this journey will be lots fun because I been longing for a short holiday from my work. Although the toilet is a bit minor problem but let's just have some fun together! I hope I can enjoy as much fun as possible. For me, able to have rest from work, is a very happy moment and time to enjoy. Before I went this retreat this weekend, will be post a food post to you guys. I will share you guys about the journey of my retreat to Kintik Village to you guys when I back!

We been going to cafes and have some good food recently. I'm not hated to work lar, but sometimes when you can enjoy during weekend is the way to rest yourself and charge your working energy. Recently Desa Setapak has opened a new cafe for kaki's like us to hang out. Is still a new cafe but the design and recipes of the drink is quite surprising. I am so happy because we can have some tea break time with friend near my neighborhood. Since we will be having dinner at our house area, so we decided let's just try this new cafe too.

Our dinner at Chuan Ji Bak Kut Teh. Don't know whether you guys know about this Bak Kut Teh but this place got many customer too!
Here's my photoshooting photos with my #sharonootd I shoot last week at TTDI Park. It has been quite some time since my last shooting was on June. Because was busy with my birthday celebration and anniversary as well. When I told baby that I want to do a outfit shooting again, he quickly agree on it. I told him we can shoot at TTDI park since we are here already. I got this fresh new romper from IHF(Malaysia) and I saw that got many other online boutique selling this too. I bet this romper is selling fast also. 

I love this romper because of its color and the pattern really catch my attention. I knew this romper will suitable for nature theme since is pattern is more on tropical plant. When I wear this romper, my baby also fall in love with the outfit. He really into the mood of taking pretty photo of me wearing the romper. The outcome was very nice and I can't be thankful to have my baby as my personal photographer. We even went to another other place for shooting as well. Our shooting was after 6pm when the sun is not that hot. At first after my manicure and pedicure session, I thought that it will late for out photoshooting. But the timing is just right and we enjoy our shooting very much.

Start with some photos in the park. 

Quartet @ TTDI

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Hola, another short food post update. Recently we will be searching some nice place for chill and lunch and the place didn't fail us as well. This time we'll be going to TTDI because I  need to take my Havainnas Slipper from Tammy. We decided to have our lunch in this area. We'll have a photoshoot here too! It's been a month since our photoshoot. I'm so happy and excited too. After lunch, I even go Posh! Nail Spa for some manicure and pedicure session. I can't tell you guys how much I love my new nail art, because I want to have the ocean theme and the outcome turn out to be very nice! Will share you guys on my photoshoot post ya!

This cafe only serve Bagle and sandwiches for a full filling lunch. But usually customer to come to eat here won't mind but love their food and dessert serve as well. Its our first time here though, and we not really always come to TTDI as well. But I think is good choice you can drive around and explore new place for some new food experience. At TTDI there are many cafes as well, but mostly they opened for dinner only. It happen that we found minimum cafe was opened at TTDI. Lucky us we bumped into this cafe as well! This cafe is quite full also, but we got just 1 seat when we went in. This cafe is self service, you have to order yourself and pay at the counter first before you can have your food serve!

Bone & Pot @ Metro 126

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Hi guys, another food post is up on my blog! This time will blog about steamboat style food. Is a new restaurant at my house area, I always heard about this restaurant name but never had a chance to dine in because is not a shop that you can always notice. Because is still a new restaurant in our area, we decided to head over and try out. I kinda love my neighborhood more and more because many good food restaurant keep open. I think is good for us since we can have more food choice to choose.

This restaurant always pack with people. I not sure whether because this shop is still new or it is really very delicious. As usual we are here at Monday, is around 6:30pm and the place is already quite full with customer lol. The crowd keep coming in to dinner as well. This restaurant is very easy to be notice is the same row with Tong Pak Fu and the restaurant has a very big word 有骨气. That will be the Chinese name of this restaurant.

Interior Design with many sakura flower. The light is actually quite bright but don't know why it turns out a bit dim. xD
Hi guys, another Hello Kitty shoe post here! Nowadays you can saw many Hello Kitty merchandise or Hello Collaboration with other brand. It is because this year is the 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is 40th years old already, haha! For their special 40th celebration, they have collaboration with many brand and sell many cute Hello Kitty Shoes, Clothes and Handbag too! I always love Hello Kitty product, although I am 20+ already. Still the love towards Hello Kitty never fade. 

The last shoes post about Hello Kitty is from Randa. I didn't buy their shoes since it is very expensive and I think I won't be travel to Japan this year too! This time Hello Kitty Shoes post is about Grace Gift, a Taiwan brand. Recently I been influence by 1 Taiwan Blogger fashion. I simply fall in love with Taiwan fashion, especially their accessories and shoes. Although the price is quite expensive compare to here but their thingy is very elegant and feminine! This year end I decided to went Taiwan, haha. One of my blogger friend introduce 1 Facebook shop who receive order for Grace Gift product. I was very happy because without been to Taiwan and we can buy Grace Gift product! I decided to buy 1 shoes from Grace Gift because I heart their shoes very much. It happen that when I scroll through the Facebook shop photos, and I saw that Grace Gift has come out with Hello Kitty shoes design. 

I was very happy and exciting as well! and I decided to choose 1 design shoes and order from the shop! Here I will share you guys how the quality of the shoes, other design etc.

Shall continue my birthday dinner post at One City, Skypark. We been here the whole day, and there's even have cinema here so if you live nearby you can always come skypark for some movie and chilling place. After lunch, baby prepare a massage session for me to let me rest and relax my body. It was a super relaxing and surprisingly healthy massage about all our body ache. I learnt a lot and the massage is awesome just that the venue is a bit far for me, sigh.

We ended our massage session at 6pm and we decide went for 10th floor for some nice view. The view is very nice and windy. Too bad the sky is fill with hazy weather that day and can't really see the sky clearly. Each view from the corner is different, and you can see everyone there is busy taking photos of the view with friends and lover, lolol. So do we! Here come my photos~weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Is me!

Hi guys, finally I'm able to update my birthday post now. I will be separate my birthday post to 2 part because they are just too many happy things to share. I have write my birthday thoughts on my previous birthday post with church member. This post will be my birthday lunch at this special place. It's my first time here, and this place is amazing. I really can't describe how amazing it is because it is a different view when you see it with your own eyes and from photos. 

I am working on my birthday and have to rush to here at On City, Skypark. I have no idea where my baby will bring me to. But when I saw the signboard and I know! haha! We reach there around 1pm with slight jam and there are always many cars on Saturday. I hate Saturdays cars~~~ haha I quickly get change and do my make up in the toilet lol. I some more bring dress to wear because I never know where he gonna bring me ma. But luckily I got this cute outfit from Twenty3. I will post some of the outfit on the next post.

I never know that my baby decide to bring me have delicious lunch. When I first saw this cafe, it really catch my attention - Charlie Chaplin Cafe. We went straight to upstairs seat because wanted to have some quite time together. But there are construction going on and it was noisy. We decided to have our sweet lunch at downstairs. Before we went downstairs, we take some nice photo there! The interior design here is just too awesome for not to take photo with it xD

Dear lovelies, I am here to review a magic cream that help you stay young without suffer any medical help. The cost is cheap and affordable. Do you girls wanted to know the secret of it!? If you wonder how does this magic cream works and what secret do this magic cream has to help us stay young. You should continue read my blog because I will let you guys know this secret.

At first when I received this magic cream from Natta Cosme, I have no idea what this magic cream able to do. Until I do some research about it and tried it on myself. This magic cream applicable in all ways that you wanted to be, moisturizer for hand, face and dry skin, frizzy hand, burning scar, face acne, remove make up and more. Is a amazing to use for a 59ml magic cream only! I will start my post with some online information to let you guys see and know more about this magic cream.

Believe it if not just Tried it.