Mask for me is very important steps, I always apply facial the mask at least 3-4 times weekly. My skin dehydrates faster whenever I am in air cond room. If you are staying outdoor when our skin is exposed to dust and impurities that will cause our skin losing the glow and healthy complexion faster too.

O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask from b.liv might be the mask that you need to achieve healthy and glowing skin. It cost only RM 99/50g.

About b.liv

Pronounced as “believe”, b.liv was established in 2009 and derived from a cosmeceutical brand. b.liv was created to cater to a strong demand for an easy-to-use and affordable personal skin care regimen. b.liv seeks to inspire and gives confidence to the youths of today in making a difference.

Originated from a cosmeceutical brand, b.liv products are formulated in line with salon-based solutions. b.liv is the only skin care brand in the over-the-counter market to have undergone trials and testing in more than 200 professional skin care centers prior to placement in the retail market. therefore, you will get the same treatment at home similar to those available in professional skin care centers.

b.liv aims to bring its pore management solution and share knowledge with the masses. today, b.liv is a favorite in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and many more countries.

What's your daily breakfast essential every morning? Or did you eat it as your daily intake? Today post will be about the new launch of Crunchy Oat Granola by Kellog's. I never try out oat kinda breakfast before until I receive this 3 pack from Kellog's. Kellogg's range of granola is made with high-quality ingredients crafted to make a wholesome, good for you oat based cereal. Oat is a good source of carbs and fiber, including the powerful fiber beta-glucan. Not only that Whole Oats Are Rich in Antioxidants, which help lower blood pressure and provide other benefits for our health!

There are 3 flavors of Crunchy Oat Granola that are Almond Treat for nut lovers, Fruity Delight for fruit lovers and those who love chocolates you can try out Chocolate Sensation. All three of them has the own representative of the food that you will definitely love. Each of the pack comes in resealable pouch bag too!

Cho Cha in Mandarin means back to basic for Cho and Cha means tea. When I first saw this cafe in Instagram, I was attracted to it old classic wood deco in the cafe. It was definitely an Instagram worthy cafe to drop by in KL.

Cafe hopping become my one of my favorite activities with my hubby when I have no event or review to attend during the weekend. It was really fun exploring cafe and spend time together for the whole afternoon enjoying the ambiance of the cafe.

My last weekend post with my previous hair make. I can't really decide that I am more on a bright hair girl or dark hair girl. So what do you guys think?

Today is a set outfit that I buy from an online store that is named Midori. They are focusing more on Korean style outfit. While you scrolling through their page, they offer a lot of varieties outfit from Casual Outfit to Dinner Outfit too. Since their outfit and shoes are from Korea, you can definitely able to browse and shop for some unique pieces of outfit you need.

Hard Rock Cafe has recently launched new menu and I am honored to be invited to try out few of their popular item that including Serunding Burger, Cauliflower Burger, Atomic Burger, Java Lava Burger and Pasta Arrabiata have earned a spot on Hard Rock’s core menu. Be sure to check out and try out their new menu food at Hard Rock Cafe branches in KL, Malacca, and Kota Kinabalu. 

These popular menu items have moved from cult favorite to center stage as a result of consumer demand during popular in-restaurant activations including the Vegetarian Menu, World Burger Tour, and Burger & Beer Pairings. 

Today blog will be sharing about my recent favorite mask from SEP. I want to shout out to The Butterfly Project and SEP for sending the products over for review. Their mask coming in the right time for me as I am running out of facial mask from my facial mask stack.

SEP Mask Pack is made in Korea formulated with concentrated and natural key ingredients from Jeju Island.Their mask is made specifically to fit any face shape and it small airy space on the mask fabric that adheres to our skin perfectly. They also come in four variant of mask pack, each of the mask pack is suitable for different skin. Read on to know more about the SEP Jeju Mask Pack 

Clinelle has finally launched its new improved Clinelle Whitenup Brightening rangde. This time Clinelle is honored to invite award-winning and international icon Ella Chen, who is Clinelle brand ambassador more than 3 years to officiate the launch along with distinguished VIPs, media & guests. I am lucky and honored to attend this officiate launch and see Ella Chen in real life.

Ella Chen is profoundly excited to make her first official public appearance in Malaysia since she has given birth. Speaking about the brand, Ella Chen said, " I absolutely love the newly formulated Clinelle Whitenup Brightening range. The Products protect my skin from day and night, regardless of being indoor or outdoor. I am amazed by the visible results after just a few days usage, my skin looks glowing, brighter and spotless. I strongly recommend Clinelleskincare as the brand is devoted to delivering good skin care infused with skin-friendly natural ingredients yet effective. At the same time, it excludes potential harmful ingredients with its 7 no's philosophy. Our skin is our canvas. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the confidence that comes from having spotless, brighter and fairer skin. The ideal skin of every woman's dream!"

Time to update some weekend outfit post of the week. If you have been following my Instagram, you would have known that I changed my hair color! But there will be few weekend outfit post feature on my blog. Do check out my for more live updates!

Frankly speaking last few weekends I haven't been really enjoying and shooting any weekend outfit. Last weekend was quite torturing for me as I suffer a headache and basically just rest whole day at home. My hubby has been working during the weekend too. With no one around and sick, it doesn't feel too good to enjoy my weekend this way.

Anyway, today outfit will be showering more ruffle love!! Previously I have shared a lot of slip dress and ruffles outfit recently on my blog. Today look is the mixture of both my favorite detail of the outfit. 

Today I will be sharing another makeup look I created for the month of July. This time the theme will be more casual and inspired look I get from Instagram.

Recently been following a lot of makeup guru on Instagram. Scrolling through their Instagram will just be inspired more by trying on new makeup look and color for myself. Basically, bring my blogging and beauty passion to another new level! Read more to see how I create this makeup look.

Previously, I had already posted a post about Premium Moist Lip Balm from Mentholatum. This time around I will be sharing another type of lip balm and especially good for those who suffer pale lip color or even uneven tone lip color! 

Who wouldn't like if 1 lip balm can achieve color enhance and moisturizing lips in the same time? I am happy to try out this lip balm. Although I do not suffer any pale lips or uneven lip color, the moisturizing texture when I apply this Water Lip Tone up CC Lip Balm on my lips. I can feel my lips are really so moisturized and able to give you the chok chok lips after apply too!

Is my 60th post of my weekend post in my blog!! I've definitely used a lot of time and passion to maintain and keep this special segment on my blog. The determination and passion are something I would never give up especially to the things that I love. My weekend outfit post will be still going on strong in my post. Thanks to everyone who read and like my outfit I post and share on my blog here! Hope to bring more surprises outfit inspired look for you guys.

Today post is like the upgrade version of my weekend outfit because all the photos are taken from my hubby DSLR. For picture quality, it is really good and high quality too. Thanks to my hubby and hope for more fashion shoot with him again.

Today will gonna blog one of my recent favorite product from ALTHEA - That is the ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder. ALTHEA is my all time favorite website to shop for all Korean Skincare and Makeup products! Not only that it also offered the most affordable price that every girl like. Do check out their website to see more new updates and products they offer on their website.

Now ALTHEA has released their very own product range, and their first debuting product is this Petal Velvet Powder! I never thought of ALTHEA will release their own product range. As you know ALTHEA is everything about pink and pastel, this Petal Velvet Powder also comes in really sweet pink and white packaging which I really heart on. Hope for more product range can be released from ALTHEA brand itself!

Scroll down for more flat lays I share in this post! Can't decide on the pictures I should share here so I decided to share all here.

Today I'm gonna blogged about a really pretty and sweet cafe, Whip Up that I visited last month. The cafe itself is up to my liking is because it has the interior of pink and white vibes that I really love. 

Whip Up serve a lot of beautiful serving desserts to the customer. They update and modify their menu once every few months. This could have tricked us to visit their cafes more often. Because by seeing those pretty desserts, definitely makes my ♥ itch! 

Ohai time to start my lip balm journey with Mentholatum. I can't say that I am a lip balm person, but there's a bad habit that I always can't seem to get rid of. That is I will bite my lips whenever I am nervous or either stress. My husband has been nagging me whenever he saw my lips are crack and all cover with biting scars. Lip balm always comes to my rescue whenever I am in need to moisture and heal all the crack and scars on my lips. 

Our lips are just like our skin, we need more moisture and hydration to retain back the smooth and healthy lips back. Since our lips area are quite thin, if we are de-hydrate or not enough of water intake for your body. The lips will be the first to reflect out!

For today weekend outfit I will update on my Birthday Outfit on 28th June! I know it was quite a throwback event but I haven't got the chance to share this outfit out. You can say I am all in for this outfit. Looking back to my outfit post the past months. I've been wearing so many 2 layers outfit since then. I shall continue to my love for 2 layers outfit haha!

If you are curious on where I go celebrate my birthday at, you can click here to read more.