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Another furry top that I bought for this Christmas outfit. I bought from my favorite local designer shop, and have been supporting her because I really like how creative and fun their design is. I also can’t wait to style some of the new items I bought from them for the upcoming Chinese New Year. 

Finally, get to visit this cafe I have wanted to visit since last year. This Huckleberry at Damansara Height has the best and most pretty Christmas festive decor I love. We took so many nice photos here at Huckleberry Damansara Heights. Can't wait to share with you guys about all the photos I took here too.

Time is running for me to blog about all my Christmas fit. Here’s a short post of my Christmas fit, today look is taken at the highly anticipated new mall open in KL - The Exchange TRX Mall. This mall had been hyped up on social media before it opened and I also joined the trend. I visited the mall the second week it opened after my church service trying to skip the crowds.

Yay to another post about my Christmas fit, I don’t think I can finish all my Christmas fit posts before Christmas. But anyway I will still enjoy myself with all the Christmas festive. I do hope that I can travel to another country to enjoy some different vibes of Christmas but not sure when I can do so. For today's outfit post, it’s kinda cute and unlikely my usual style.

Finally, my first Christmas outfit post on my blog has been so procrastinating and busy with work and life. I really can’t wait for a holiday to come and really able to rest and feel recharged. Today's post is my first Christmas outfit at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, all the malls have already set up the Christmas Decor after Deepavali. I didn’t think that the malls could set up the decor so soon, and I definitely can’t wait for Christmas to arrive.

Although this year's birthday we did not travel overseas, we still managed to plan a short trip to Genting Skyworlds Theme Park. Ever since the theme park reopened last year in February, I have not yet been to the theme park to try out all the newly open attractions. Since we don’t have plans we decided to plan a short vacation to Genting for my birthday celebration this year.

Can’t believe that we have less than a month till Christmas. As usual, I will also update my Christmas ootd to my blog, I also plan my outfit accordingly to see to visit which mall for this Christmas season. Can’t wait to share my Christmas outfit with you guys. Before I start the Christmas outfit post, I want to share this ootd look where it’s my first ootd look after I dye my whole hair blonde. This is also my first time trying to dye my whole hair blonde.

Finally, one of our most interesting experiences in Bangkok is trying out Thai Traditional Clothings. It has been so famous that everyone visits Wat Arun while wearing Thai Traditional Clothing and taking photos around the temple. This place is so pretty with all the traditional Thai temples and the Temple Tower, making it the perfect location for tourists to come over for photos in Thai Traditional Clothing.
Sometimes, I really just wanna record my ootd look in my blog here, today post is two of my full-white weekend outfits! When I browsed through them I realized I wore a similar style and color, so I just compiled the two looks outfits into one blog post. I did a lot of throwbacks recently because I kept traveling a lot this year and took a lot of ootd photos that I keep compiling. I also cut down my weekend outfit look because of all those travel photos waiting for me to post.

On the second day of our Bangkok trip, we decided to hang out in the Siam area again to have breakfast and head to some shopping at Pratunam. This is my first time visiting this pink coffee bar, everyone loves taking photos in front of this cafe door entrance. The whole coffee bar is surrounded by pink, which definitely caught all the girl's attention! 💗

After we visited the Divana Signature Cafe, we checked in to our second hotel and visited the Mustang Blu cafe located near the Chinatown area. This is a very vintage old cafe but has the vibes of Harry Potter magic. When we are here visiting this cafe, it definitely doesn’t disappoint us because this cafe vibe is really something that we really like!

Try to keep up my blog for this month but it sounds impossible because I will be busy the next whole week and also the coming two months. I have been writing and blogging on trains when I’m going to the office. It kinda depends on my mood because the morning train can be quite tiring and sleepy.

Finally started posting about my Bangkok trip post, I have done two Bangkok hotel blog posts that I stayed on during my Bangkok trip. This post is my day 1 outfit for this beautiful floral Divana Signature Cafe located at Central World.

September has been my busy month because of work and traveling. I have been slow down on my social media and blog too, sometimes I just feel like I need a rest and break before I continue to blog and maintain my social media account. Hopefully this week I can get back to blog and IG, mean time also get some rest over the long weekend.

This is a long overdue post about this sweet yellow shirt that I wear when hanging out with friends. I have been thinking if I want to blog about this outfit but for memory keepsake I decided to blog about it. It's worth blogging about because I rarely wear yellow.

I love all the self-shoot photos that I shoot during my birthday in June. I also want to blog about it for a memory keepsake so that I can look at it when time passes. Although this year's birthday theme is quite random I have no idea what to do and expect. I quickly browsed some birthday shoot themes and shopped for some props for this self-shoot. 

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This year I chose to celebrate my birthday at Blackbyrd KL, which I have wanted to go to. This is a lovely restaurant where you can see a nice KLCC view from the restaurant.

Overdue updating my blog once again, really busy catching up on work, and taking up 3 roles at a time is kinda challenging and stressful. I also encounter emotional breakdowns due to putting too much pressure on myself. Somehow I need to adjust my mindset in dealing with stuff at work and get back stronger in handling all the work-related matters again.

I hope I can continue to pursue my interests such as blogging, sharing outfit of the day (OOTD) posts, and showcasing beautiful places on my social media accounts.

Dior has been doing a lot of pop up at Pavilion Kl. I have never been to all of it but this SS23 Pop up I went I think is the prettiest Pop up from Dior. It is in summery flowery print but comes in a dark and greenish tone. 

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I’m a bit late to update you about my Barbie ootd in my blog. I have been sick the whole week after getting back from office team building. I hope that I can recover soon and have WFH few days to have my body rest more when at home. For this look, I managed to complete this Barbie theme ootd shooting before I went for team building.