Happy New Year 2016! Can't believe time passes so fast and 2016 is here already. 2015 definitely have the most Ups and Down year for me. But regard whether the worst and unhappy things had happen in my life, there is always the BEST and HAPPY moment in my life. I shall write a post about things happen in my life for the year 2015. 

One of the BEST things in 2015 is I was really honor to have been the first batch to visit Hello Kitty Go Around for their opening launch on 19th December. 

Woots I know School Holidays is going to end in 3 days. But Fred not you can always enjoy your weekends till the max and plan your day to visit Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia at Viva Home Expo.

Hello Kitty Go Around

Date: 19th December 2015 - 19th January 2016
Venue: Viva Home Expo Hall

Hello Kitty Go Around in Malaysia is a prestigious event, held for the first time in Malaysia.

Hi all after all the festive celebration and good food you have eaten during the Holidays. I bet is time to do some exercise to gain back your old weight. But no worries New Year is here again, so you have to enjoy more good food and good company to celebrate this coming New Year. I can't believe time pass so fast and we have 2 more days till New Year 2016!!

I always heard how good and how famous Haraju Cube can be. But never I have the chance to visit the place with my boyfriend. But luckily I have plan out with my ex college mates and we spend our afternoon dessert time at Haraju Cube. Last month, Haraju Cube have come out new menu too. It was definitely a good chance to have to try their new menu.

Today is Christmas, I will be celebrating Christmas in Melacca this year. Not much fun but able to be here somehow feel different also. Not to forget today is the Birth of Jesus Christ which I never forget. Although life is busy with trials and experiences in life, but in the end we will come back to the start of what is the purpose in your life. What is the purpose of celebrating Christmas? 

I am always grateful and thankful with all the good things happen around me. My family and my loves one support is never ending. Well, I didn't hope much in my life. Good Health and Good Deeds in what we do in life is all that I can wish for. Merry Christmas all. I am really grateful that God has sent his one and only son on this day of Blessing.

Happy White Christmas at 1 Utama.

Hello My friend we have 2 more days till Christmas! How do you spend your Christmas this year? Christmas was a happy season of the year. We exchange gifts, Christmas Feast together with friends and this year it was my first time not celebrating Christmas in KL. I guess is time to change the way of celebrating Christmas this year. Change environment and change the way you think too!

Markets have organize their last Bazaar in 2015. If you have not visit the Markets during this 2015, fred not they will definitely will have it on 2016 too! What you have to do is just follow My Blog updates or Markets Facebook updates to know more about the Markets Event.

Date: 12th &13th December 2015   
Time: 11am-7pm 
Location: The Square Jaya One

The maps of all the vendors in Markets 17. Over 100 Unique Vendors were there!

I been wanting to write a Christmas Series Mall Concept in my blog. But this year due to busy schedule in weekends. I just manage to visit 3 Malls in this festive Season. But I just pick the mall which has the most beautiful Christmas Decoration and decided to write a post for it. My top 3 Christmas Mall will be Pavilion, 1 Utama and Mid Valley in the 2016. 

Sadly I was just able to visit Pavilion and 1 Utama Mall, not sure if I have any more time to visit Mid Valley before Christmas end. I bet many of you have known that Pavilion have the snow falling in their entrance every night by 8pm.

Pavilion Christmas Decoration 2016

First time blogging about Althea Korea. I been loving their item and price since they start their online website by this year. If you have to shop for any Korea brand product, first website in your mind will be? Don't get me wrong My First choice of Website will be Althea Korea. 

In Althea Korea, you can get really CHEAP, AFFORDABLE and FAST SHIPPING of all the Korea Product you want. I have compare prices among all the other Malaysia website which selling Korea Product. Guess which website got so much win from all the aspect, especially PRICE? ALTHEA KOREA is still the FIRST! 

In this Christmas, Althea Korea is having a lots of promotion and they are having the SUPER GRAND PRICE during this Christmas too! 

Omo Omo The Althea Logo was design with the Christmas Santa Sleigh and Reindeer too! WHY SO CUTE

Hola all, Today will be blog about this wonderful book of WORTHY - Ladies Edition. I bet you guys have been hearing about Worthy Book. This time I will write about this Ladies Edition book that you can get More than RM20,000 worth of Freebies and Savings in this small little book!

Worthy Book Ladies Edition MAY 2015 - 30 APR 2016

Hi all, finally gonna blog about this lovely event that I attend last few Sunday. Couldn't say how lucky I am to able to join this fun event and shopping with all the fellow bloggers. Able to learn more tips for shopping and shopping for lots of DISCOUNT item that we want. Although, the trip was really tiring and not easy to complete it within the time limit. Nevertheless, the experience of this event was truly a fun and awesome experience.

It was a one day trip event to Freepost A'Famosa Outlet. We start our journey from Selangor Turf Club and we took around 1 hour time to reach our SHOPPING DESTINATION.

Freeport A'Famosa Outlet is in it's first phase of operations and the Outlet will be in full operation by January 2016.
Hello pretties, finally I have time to blog about one my favorite Cartoon Cafe in Town. Hello Kitty will always be my favourite since small and till now too. Although you can't find many Hello Kitty in my wearing but loving the cartoon doesn't mean you have to keep wearing or showing it out. But my house was definitely full with Hello Kitty Collection until my mum keep asking me to give it out.

Yeay since the opening Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe few months ago, finally able to visit the place with Juneci and her boyfriend. The Hello Kitty cartoon for this Gourmet Cafe was definitely looking so adorable. It is advisable to book in advance but if you are walk in customer you can always sit their downstairs area.

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe.
Even the Vase was stick with their Logo. 

 Markets by Jaya One or more popularly known as Markets 17, will be throwing a two-day celebration for all bazaar aficionados this 12 and 13 December 2015 to celebrates their 5th anniversary on the bazaar scene. The much-anticipated quarterly bazaar will be held at the Square, Jaya One commencing from 11am until 7pm. 

This year theme will be Back to Memory Lane. Want to know more what's really exciting about this Markets 17? There will be over 100 vendor ranging from the latest fashion clothing, handcrafted goods, quirky paraphernalia, vintage decorative items as well as mouth-watering homemade food at the Markets. Which definitely make you shop till you drop for Christmas this year!

Sponsored by Shopee Malaysia, this last installment of the year is upping the ante by featuring new thrills such as car boot sales by Honda Malaysia, freebies giveaways by Yelp and various other contests.

Markets 17
Date: 12-13 Dec 2015
Time: 11am - 7pm
Venue: Ground Floor, The Square Jaya One

Back to outfit post that I been wanting to post about, having short hair as my new challenge for my coming outfit for months. It was really a great change for me as I was really love my new hair and I find it was really convenient for me. It was really easy to maintain and style with short hair. But from time to time I still have to trim and maintain my short hair.

Today I will blog about 3 looks that you could mostly shop in one of the Facebook online boutique. I got obsessed with the clothes from them. Even the boutique owner herself are with short hair too! Her style definitely makes me love her styling and their clothes.

Hi all, it's been a truly hectic week for me. Too many things need to be done but not enough time to finish all at once. Totally need a break for everything! First time post so many post for November and now December is here. Hope can have everything done by this year too! Can't believe how fast time passes.

Back to my topic of the day, I always face the problem of dry and frizzy hair. Dry hair can be cause by various factor such as living in a hot, dry climate, spending a lot of time in the sun or frequently swimming in chlorinated water. Usually I have frizzy hair end and it was really a headache for me as it can be hard to keep it neatly and in style.

So is time to try Mooi Keratin Hair Treatment on my dry and frizzy hair. Say Good bye to my frizzy hair end and damaged hair.

Have you all heard before Swissbel? Swiss is well known at Taiwan and Hong Kong and even endorsed by many famous HK & Taiwan celebrities, bloggers and socialites. They have already sold over 2 million pieces within one year in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Now Swissbel decide to promote their product to Malaysia. 

Swissbel Laboratoire Dermatologue
HOHOHO, Christmas is coming to town. In conjunction with the coming Christmas season,Yours Truly and 2 of my blogger's friend Juneci and Maple were planning to giveaway to our readers something as a Christmas gift this year!

We did prepare all the gifts with all of my heart because we want to give the BEST to all our readers. Hence, there is why we are organizing this GIVEAWAY for you all. I know that without all my readers and friends that my blog wouldn't able to make it this far. Thanks for all collaboration, paid post and sponsor product that I can able to blog about and share in my BLOG!

From the Left, Yours Truly, Maple and Juneci.

As a Lady it is not only important to be able to maintain the outer look of our skin but inner body beauty is really important too. But both are equally important for all the ladies out there. It is important to maintain wellness of our body, such as stay fit, eat healthy and exercise more.

 Today I will blog about this Pink Lady Oatmilk from BioGreen. A good way to maintain wellness and stay healthy by drinking this Oatmilk. It was my new love now every morning I drink it as my Breakfast drinks. 

Pink Lady Oatmilk contains 10 types of natural unrefined grains, beans and nuts where the oats are certified organic by NASAA. In addition, it contains beetroot for rosy skin complexion and healthy blood circulation with no sugar added. 

2015 is coming to an end and most probably you will get many wedding dinner invitation and parties going on. You will definitely need many pretty and elegant prom dress to wear. I find it quite exciting while preparing all the beautiful dresses to wear and I love to do it with my friends, so we could share the fun make up and dress up pretty together.

Finding a perfect dress to the prom or dinner sometimes will quite troublesome, as you would wanted the dress to be nicely presentable, elegant and glamorous. Here I am writing about a beautiful website that you can get favorite and one and only prom dress you would love!


PromTimes is one of world's leading online retailers, operating throughout the United States and Europe. They have the largest apparel and sports equipment sites on the Internet. Across tehir integrated enterprise, PromTimes offers a wide array of national, private and exclusive brands which reflect the Company's commitment to providing customers with style and quality at smart prices.

Another short yummy food post before weekend is here! Anyone here a Japanese Curry Fan here? Last time I blog about the Best Japanese Curry Rice at 1 Utama now I have try another Japanese Curry Noodle that are located at Encorp Strand Mall. I bet I can never get enough of Japanese Curry nowadays. I started to miss it after I eat it too!

Beside serving in Japanese Curry noodle they do serve Japanese Curry Rice too! But they have what the best in the noodle hence in this post I will only write up their noodle set. Since now they are having Lunch PROMO from their selected dishes and you can get FREE Daily Salad + Hot/Cold Green Tea.

The main entrance.

Yeah in the mood of writing back my Weekend Outfit for the month of October and November. Yes and this will be will be last photos of my Outfit with my long bleach hair. Can't believe I start loving my short hair as I always dream about it quite a long while. Just wanted to start grow back my healthy hair with short hair and wanted to change my style as I been in long hairs since after Secondary School.

I been wanted to dye to another new color with my new short bob hair. Any suggestion you will love to propose to me? I wanted to try ash color to become a bit Japanese hairstyle. I can't help myself but seeing myself in the mirror. Outfit is really important too since short hair sometimes will tend to give more mature look. Yeap so the journey of my short bob hair and my outfit begins.

Let's just go through some of the outfit I wear for the month of October and November.

Prom dress is the dream dress of every teenage girl. Although there is no need to wear it in Malaysia but I been loving prom dress since then. If you are having trouble to find a prom dress that you want, you can always visit Landybridal as they have all the beautiful and lovely design of prom dress for you to choose.

Whether you are slender and petite or busty, we have a selection of trendy prom dresses 2015 that are designed to enhance your figure. The high school prom is one of the most important social events in a teenage girl's life, and every young girl wants to have the hottest prom dress of the evening prom night. I can guarantee that you can have the perfect style for even the most unique tastes in the website. 

Anyone who is a tea lover? Although I am not a Big Fan of tea but I always know a good tea can make everything better. Besides that, Tea contains many goodness that you can ever imagine. 

Benefits of TEA

- Contains Antioxidant
- Less caffeine than coffee
- Calories FREE
- Aids in Digestion
- Provides Maximum Hydration to our Body

When I get to know about Roleaf, till then I know how important tea to me. Since I have problem of digestion and antioxidant is really important to working lady that are always facing with laptops. Roleaf tea bags just come in time to help.

Sorry for the photos spamming as I really love the photos in this series.

Each of the Roleaf teabags come with their own logo.
R - Roleaf - nature's finest fit for royalty.

LandyBridal launched in 2006 created by a creative team that are offers a range of beautiful prom dresses and elegant evening dresses for girls. All the dresses are fine-designed and made from high quality fabric.They have many ethereal, classic and fashion forward prom dresses attires that match with your figure and personality!

You can definitely find your own perfect wedding dresses too! They have wide range of beautiful wedding dresses and if you are looking some beautiful and cheap range of Wedding Dresses you can definitely visit their website. 

Back to noms time with me, I really like spending time with friends and loves one enjoying food together. It was really a great bonding time with each other. Therefore finding a good and comfortable cafe is really important. 

That Comma Café a hidden gem located at Setia Alam. Maybe you'll find some time to search for this cafe, it was located upstairs of the building. You will saw one big COMMA on the board and that's how you recognize the place.

When I first went in, the ambiance was really comfortable and relaxing. You will saw a their big black wall which I felt it was really unique as I first time encounter really dark black wall during cafe hopping. But somehow the black wall brings out the other side of the cafe too. 
Beformal.com.au offers current trending fashion dresses in top quality at affordable rates. You can find many wedding dresses ,evening gowns,formal dresses,mother of the bride dresses, party dresses, short wedding dresses, prom dresses, flower girl dresses, etc. in their collections list too. They offer the dresses at wholesale rates to international and the lowest price in the market. Customization of dresses is our specialty and hence, you will get that dresses that suit you perfectly here.

They has started way back in 2013. Since then, their company has already focused on creating formal dresses, wedding gowns Australia, costumes, jewelry and other made goods. Can't stop scrolling their with all their beautiful dresses in their website. They have so many varieties of design and wedding gown. You will definitely find your one and only wedding dresses.

Its been a while since I blog about food. Finally I have time to visit Times Square new area, we got to try few of the new restaurants there too. Not many people are fan of Vietnam food. To me, I don't really like their food because of the Mint Leaves they always added in their dish. 

But on the other hand, my boyfriend kinda love Vietnam cuisine. I am just fine as long they serve soup noodle soup which are totally fine with it. Their beef soup are always the best in town! Today post will be a short post but with quite a lot of food picture.

Ihomecoming provides the cheapest wedding dresses that you can find in other website. They are now have Global Shopping Festival that all items can save up to 75% OFF! It start on the 11/11 12AM onwards! If you are still looking for affordable wedding dress, come and shop at the website!

Beside that you can find your own wedding dress for you Big Day, Not forget to plan your evening dress after you have plan for your wedding dress too Evening dress is equally important too for your wedding dinner, it can be any color that you like or any style you want. This post I will introduce some of the pretty Mermaid Evening Dresses that many bride to be especially love.

To all McDonald fan out there, this time McDonald has come out this Nanoblock collection. At first I wasn't really aware of this collection until my boyfriend let me know. This collection really melts my heart as well. Never meant to start this collection since my boyfriend sharing the poster to me and tell me how cute the collection are.

So he started to buy 2 for each set, 1 set for my collection, another 1 is for his collection. The crowds weren't aware of this collection hence the week 1 set wasn't having too much of chaos. Until the following weeks, people start to queue long Q for the set. We were still lucky and manage to collect all the set and nearly give up because of the crazy crowds too.

Today I will blog about all the collection I got from this McDonald's x Nanoblock Collection Series. It's just mainly for sharing because this series is too cute to not take photo and blog about it. 
Another nice website for many nice WEDDING DRESS! This time I will blog about another cool Wedding Website with a lots of pretty wedding Gown. Landybridal is a leading wedding dress and occasion dress manufacturer and they have our own factory; they have been engaged in the wedding dress industry for more than 15 years (since 1999), and do both wholesale and retail business.

Love love their website with so many choices and varieties of bridal gown to choose. Scrolling their website making me hard to choose between which bridal wedding dress I will go for. This post I will choose few Modern and Fashionable Wedding Gown from their website.

Who doesn't like to eat dessert? Especially CAKES! This time I will share some lovely and yummy cake you can get from ONLINE. I bet normally we will get cakes from pastry shop outside. But sometimes the flavour just didn't turns out to be what we want even it will be too sweet for us too. That's why I don't normally buy cakes from outside pastry. Instead let's look for some delicious handmade cake that are specially handmade from home.

To celebrate my mum lovely 50th Birthday this year. I decided to do something more special. What my mum don't like, she is not much a fan of sweet things or too fancy icing design. What she like will be, healthy handmade cake and flower lover!

So here's when Cake Blast come to my rescue! They totally have the requirement that I want and I can make some really yummy and healthy Birthday Cake for my lovely Mum.

Every girls dream of their wedding. Should it be a grand wedding, romantic wedding, simple wedding, beach wedding, or even garden wedding? There's are so many choices for you to choose! But there is also 1 very important element having a wedding, that is choosing a perfect wedding gown for your own dream wedding.


CocoMelody has been an expert dress-maker in bridal profession for over 15 Years.

The founder Miranda used to be a freelance writer, travelling around the world is her favorite. During trip, she made friends with many people of the same interest, like dress designers, photographers, wedding planners, etc. To work together with such talented friends is Miranda’s ultimate dream.

One day she got to know by chance from a bride-to-be friend that what expenses people have to pay for wedding. Understanding the very importance of dresses to a bride, Miranda felt heartbroken to see her stretch between her dream dress and tight budget. After research in the bridal space, Miranda was surprised by the shabby quality of dresses in most online stores and the expensive prices of dresses in top brands bridal boutiques.

Believing the world should be nice and fair, Miranda decided to start her own bridal company, providing brides with couture gowns of their dreams, not only in high quality, but also at affordable prices.

This is how they have found the simple idea to make every dress-shopper happy, no matter what their budget might be.

They also have physical stores in USA and Europe for customer to view our most popular styles in person, try on samples for sizing and get measured for the perfect fit. When you visit their stores, you will be helped by our friendly professional team of bridal consultants who will assist you in the choice of your gown. When you have questions about dresses, their knowledgeable customer service team is willing to offer any help you may need.

Sometimes people get insecure when ordering online, but they has their own physical stores as well. So you will definitely feel safe when you order your dream bridal gown from them. Not only that with their expert design team, professional sample creators, and experienced workshops to lead the entire process. Dresses are sent directly from workshop to customers by speedy delivery. In this way, They save a lot for customers on unnecessary expenses and waiting time.

October gonna end soon, feel so sad that time passes so fast and still got a lot of busy workload to do. Since year end is here, my company is getting prepare for the campaign and have to work over time starting next week. Might not able to blog a lot for the coming week. But good news is SALES is coming soon!! It was the best time to shop for new cloths for this coming festive season.

Yeah so I guess I'm gonna shop a lot of make up and cloths, or maybe not in the mean time I need to save a lot of money for travel. I really hope I can control my money usage with all these sales campaign coming.

Back to my post today, gonna update what I wear during the month of September. I know I'm one month late but I hope I can have more time and more hardworking for my blog. I try to do October outfit post for coming week. 

Hi lovelies, if you have been follow me in Instagram you will know that I have a make over just few weeks ago. It happen on the most busy and sad week that I encounter. So I kinda have mix feeling for the day I photo shoot, not sure whether to be happy and sad about it. But the happy things I manage to do it on the Actual Shooting day itself without have to postpone the shooting schedule again just for me.

I will definitely remember that week so well and thanks God for everything that he had plan for me. Another thing that I want to be thankful of is I won the Biotrue® Experience Contest as their 3rd Prize Winner. I did write a post about the event launch and the Contest too previously. 

The day I received the email announced that I have won, I was so excited and feel like I am dreaming. I have win myself 200 Cash Prize + 3 Days 2 Nights Hotel Stay at Alunan Boutique Resort + 2 Months Supply of Biotrue ONEday Lenses worth RM 500 + Aster Spring Facial & Eye Treatement worth RM300.

I am really happy that I was really lucky enough to win all these and specially THANKS to BAUSCH + LOMB once again.

Want to see hows my after make over looks like? Until now we still haven't receive any official photos from BAUSCH + LOMB. But I will just share some of the shooting photos that my boyfriend help me to take.

Hi lovelies! Despite the crazy weather with the super hazey weather that coming all the way from Indonesia. Many people were sick with, cough flu and eczema getting worst. Make sure get yourself hydrated always, rest more and drink more water.

Beside getting yourself hydrated, don't forget about your skin too! Few days before when I read through facebook, I saw that if you do your laundry expose to sun with haze, it will cause itchiness to your body when you wear the cloth. Everyone make sure do your laundry indoor when the haze is really serious. That is why hydrating your skin is really important for this Hazey Season to prevent dryness and itchiness to your skin.

Once again I am always a fan for Natta Cosme. Their product always the best and I have been collaborated with them for few times too. Thanks again for Natta Cosme for introduce such good product for me and my readers!

Have you heard of Einstein which the famous scientist in the world? Now we have a cafe that have the same name of Einstein Cafe! Fred not is not open by Einstein but it was just the same name. It was my first time to this cafe during last 2 month. So you might be wandering about the picture style and watermark was slightly different from my previous post.

This will be a short post of my cafe experience at Einstein Cafe. Although it was not my first top choice cafe in Petaling Street, but once a while you can visit here to enjoy your afternoon coffee or tea time here.

The word for their signature board is full with super bright light bulb.

Hi all today gonna share a good news to all of you, did you guys still remember about BAUSCH + LOMB Biotrue® ONEDay Lenses I blog about last month. In the end of the post, I share a eye exercise video that For every video uploaded during the campaign, BAUSCH + LOMB will make a RM5 donation to the Malaysia Association for the Blind. 

This campaign end on the 30th September 2015 and BAUSCH + LOMB Social Media Campaign Raises RM8,880 of donation for Malaysian Association for the Blind on World Sight Day 2015. 

Although I am not able to presence during the Giving Cheque Ceremony to Malaysia Associations for the Blind. But in my heart I was deeply encourage and moved by this campaign purpose. Although the amount is not important in this campaign, but the purpose and the action that BAUSCH + LOMB did to the Malaysia Associations for the Blind was truly inspiring and encouraging.