Angel in the Forest

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ello peeps, back to shooting theme today. As we had already plan from last week, but it did not went well due to bad weather. So we postpone to 24th August, since is a no work day for me =D YEAH~ We didn't set the time to wake, but for me as usual when I knew the next day is SHOOTING, I will having insomnia or wake early AUTOMATIC. Ah~ have no control over it = = I some more go online and check on the weather for today LOL Super STRESS like that!!

I wake around 7:30am, mum have to work~~ I didn't prepare straight instead of  lacking around @.@ My bii wake up around 8+am and called me. I told him I will be okay whenever you are ready =D So I start make up and wear contact lenses for the first time for shooting LOL. I spend 1 hour to gao dim all this~

About the weather,is actually looks NAY, but I STILL BELIEVE it will be okay soon.>0<  This angle theme my bii has plan quite sometime and hope that can shoot me as his angel xD We decided to shoot at Bukit Nanas Forest but we have no luck the forest is CLOSED for reno!! Oh no~ I was a bit dissapointed then but we managed to look for other places and I decided to go for The Lake Garden since is near to us.

SWIPE Ant World

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Hi peeps, Actually wanted to have this post after I am having this SWIPE class =D Our Swipeland is on the 13th and 14th of August during school holidays. This is my first time teach Swipe at my own school. I teaches at other school because My school don't have swipe but we decided to open a 8 hour class for STD 1, 2 and 3. The title will be SWIPE Ant World.

But because most of them didn't know swipe before, so we have a small introduce for the students. Picture below is the small box of LEGO parts for building. This Lego sets is different then usual Lego box you buy from shopping centre. Because Swipe Box contains CPU, wires, tyre, and sensors etc.

Besides that, we must teach student to keep all these lego parts nicely back into the box~

Its weekend time, having fellowship with my church friend again. Today I'm having some time to choose what to wear, wanted to wear my blue Adidas Sneaker. But going to church I think wearing short pants is not very appropriate and finally I didn't wear my sneakers T_T Maybe will wear it to Ipoh trip this week =D

So this week we are having lunch at Shiawase Bento located at Prima Setapak. Its been our dating place before but we got quite some time didn't went there already. But Allecia mention that place and saying the bento there was nice =D So we decided to went there for our lunch~

Picha with my dear Michelle, she say I Fat Hao look xD

A lil Purple

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A late post here, I post this lavender pinafore before but still I can't hold it cuteness. Bii help took some cute shot of my look xD

Lavender Pinafore from Novela
White top from Supermodel Wardrobe

I actually love this purple hat accessories xD But bii say not suitable for putting out for shopping la~ But is ok for shooting =D


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Girlsss, please hold your saliva or maybe prepare some tissue xD Here to introduce Two super HOTIES of the movie =D Actually one is super HANDSOME and one is super MAN =) Maybe for young girls and ladies you will chose 彭于晏 , for the aunties maybe will choose 张家辉 xD hahaha

So I have watch this movie with my darling, I guess most of the bf will be very stress because gf wanted to watch 肌肉男in this movie xD But I still ok la, I count how many 腹肌they have xD lol My darling got a bit big belly that I love to lay down ~~ YEAH~~~ So I just want the belly got smaller only la ~hahahaha

This is the movie poster with the TWO main actor of the movie, left :张家辉,right : 彭于晏。I guess most girls will be saliva droolsssss over when they see these poster!

Its Sunday again peeps, serving with stripes today, got it from mummy wardrobe =D Its so colorful that i got all attention (joking). I am here to serve God truly with all my heart, soul and mind. xD Today both of our dai gor not around, and we are like lost sheep because because we had no idea where to have our lunch. At first we wanted to went Zoe's house with McDonald( I miss it!!)but our plan change. We decided to have Thai for lunch.But when we reach that restaurant, it closed!! I mean looks like Bankrupt or what, because inside the table, chairs is still in it own place but is dirty door is SO LOCKED!!

LOL, become a lost sheep again @.@ Decided to went tappers again~ lalala

Our group photo =D 5 girls and 2 guys~

Here to post about my weekend =D Today is HOLIDAY~ Although I still need to apply My anual leave == LOL. Since today is holiday we both decide to go PAK THOR at Midvalley xD
I got my purple pinafore from Novela yesterday, I was so thrilled and decided to wear it~ =目 Because Purple is my top favorite color. Seriously I got purple contact lens that I haven't open yet, pastel purple purse, pinafore and heels =D No kidding~

White tops from Supermodel Wardrobe =D
Pastel Purple Pinafore from Novela
Please support because I super love Novela model, so pretty  =目

Minions from McDonald

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I'm here to talk about minions again @.@ Hope you guys don't mind. This time I will blog about Minions from McDonald. As you guys know just a month ago, McDonald having Happy meal with Minions and Malaysia people will line up from midnight to get it = = Sorry, but I'm not one of them. Sad to say I just managed to get 2 of it among the 9 T__T That time the minions fever is really a CHAOS among Malaysia, LOL.

Our Green Valentine, after 七夕 =D We are celebrating just near our house=D In a chinese restaurant, we actually go round and round looking for a restaurant to relax and have a sweet dinner together. But No matter where we go or celebrate, the most important is being together xD Although yesterday 七夕we are not having private time together, but our heart still know each other love no matter what.

PTPTN Loan SETTLE *update*

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Hey peeps, When you see the picture above then you'll know I'm going to blog about PTPTN Loan. PTPTN stands for Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional. It is a government load for students who can't afford to further studies. PTPTN will provide education loans to students pursuing their studies in local institutions of higher learning (IPT).

Raya Mood in KL

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Hello guys, having this raya theme for this week =D I actually borrow this kebaya from my third aunt all the way from Tangkak. So I'm wearing it for this week serving. There is this 2 pretty ladys wearing too.So it is our selca time =D

Although we are Christian but I think wearing Malay outfit is acceptable =D 

Hi peeeps, back from Raya Holiday =D How you guys spend your Raya Holiday ya? I just back from Hometown and start to work. ~.~ Although my darling is not with me during this Raya Holiday, but I got plenty of time with my family and relatives. I still miss him a lot =(

A photo with my darling boy, just one selca before he left T___T

Minion #GIF

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Bello guys, its just a random post from me because I'm at Tangkak for Raya holiday that just my laptop and handphone accompany me xD Of cause with my family and relatives too, but somehow all my cousins prefer sit in front of square THING and have their own friend. So I prefer to be alone as well =D Not that I'm not joining them, just holiday maaaa, wanted to be relax more =D Darling also back to his hometown too since yesterday he already accompany whole day until night he back to his Hometown.

I found minions GIF at thumblr and I download it just want to share with guys!! Because it was freaking cute!!

This bee doo bee doo scene is super cute and funny~

A Lil White

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Having a photo session after back from Sunday Meeting =D
Biii super love I wear white dress so we decided have a small "studio" session =D

The First shot =P Not very nice but I still like the feel of this photo =D Bii is testing light that look super pretty on me =D

Flower Wreath from Just One & Only

August 1st Weekend

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After the LYM Night, its Sunday again~ not serving this week =D Today is a combine service that me and my boy totally forgotten and we reach early xD

One thing I mostly do in my baby car is MAKE UP~ Oh my, who does that ya~? I wonder xD Because am a lazy girl to make up at home and since we are earlier and I decided to make up at car~

Can you see which part of my eye been make up?
Ans: White eye liner on the under lid of my eye =D

LYM Night

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bello peeps, After a year I still joining in this event but as a different role I played xD. This time I will be teaching and guiding them through the dance only ~lol.

Am joining the dancing last year, but this year 退休 already =D This year the event start early and I am quite a busy working people ~@@ So we just have 10 times of practice I guess and we are off to perform ~.~ Macam yes horr!!

LYM stands for Lutheran Youth Mission Night, My church is one of the Lutheran Church so we are joing this missionary night =D Every country have their own missionary. This year they will be more emphasis on the missionary work of other country =D

My near selca shot =D

Korean food 大长今

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Hi guysss, here blog about food again, hehe. Beside Japan food , Korean is my another best choice of all  
>-< Am a korean Fan =D Although the title is 大长今,don't know you guys got watch that drama before, BTW I'm not talking about that, But that korean drama is my first KOREAN DRAMA that I watch =D


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hey peeps,
This post will gonna be a bit special because.......................
Its hard to explain though~
hope you guys enjoy =D

please ignore this post if you feel my writing are ugly T^T