Look back 2013 and Move ON 2014

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Hello peeps, since today is the last day of the year 2013. This 2013 is been a year of prosperous and wonderful year for me. This is my first time writing my year of review, not so sure what should I write but nevertheless I will continue to write because 2013 happen too many happy things and I can't wait to share with all of you.

I know blogging life is hard to maintain because of our life. Life is so busy and we can hardly have time to blog or even writing a diary. So far blogging for me will still be a part of my life when 2014 comes. I will still will be sharing story with all of you, I am not sure who will be reading my blog but I do appreciate everyone who click into my post. I hope I can write better in 2014 and can continue to share my life experience in 2014! I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog post although I am not good in writing or even good in grammar. But I will improve and continue to write more! 
Part two of the post, it will be the second part of the Expo. Don't look down on this expo because I feel it was quite big. The part 1 with the 100 secret gadget of Doraemon pose I already super exhausted because I pose non stop and darling take photo non stop. For me, I keep complain to darling, can we just choose some nice wan only take photo ah? He told me, you just pose simple then will be fast like this comfort me. Haha

I think we took the 100 photos with figurine quite fast because when we went out for toilet and went inside again you can still saw people you have met when you first went it = = Wonder how long they need to take for the 100 figurine pose xD haha We spend 1 hour for the first part. Second part of the expo will be more into the life of Nobita.

Love the glass window design, you guys know where you see these kind of glass door design?

These few days I'm gonna try to finish my blog post lol. But you know time is not enough for me to use @@ As when I am online I would wander around other websites or watch a drama. My blog post will be drag like this. Sorry if I keep writing Christmas post because many wonderful thing happen during Christmas. I think this will be my last post about Christmas gua...haha xD

So here I am again, blogging about Christmas! I will writing this post is after the shooting at Pavilion. I did took some photo about Christmas Decoration at 1 Utama. Guess what, it was so beautiful~ So colorful and you feel like you were in a world of toys you know. Wooden horses is what we always imagine as toys when we are small =D

A little late Christmas post at Church morning service. Is just seems like normal Sunday Sunday but is not, haha. Its Wednesday and is CHRISTMAS! After the night of countdown reach home around 1am and can't sleep when I lay down = =. Today Ignition Band is serving again so everyone have to wake up earlier again. Rise and Shine! haha

Church is having a performance by Powerkids and Powerfun! I been record some of the performance, the children are so cute. Somehow miss my childhood time at church as well!~ haha

Sign Language by powerkids =D

Having a small Celebration Christmas Eve + Christmas Countdown at church! We even have a performance done by our worship band IGNITION BAND. I just join them this year and I am so happy I can be part of their family as a VOCALIST. woohoo~ Tonight event is so successfully perform because everyone is doing their part well. Although there are some hiccups here and there but this event still end successfully. Because we perform is not for man but for God alone =D

I been very very de nervous, just don't know why~ haha But things went well, although solo part is being skip by pastor hoho! I still enjoy today songs, music, video, altar call and the foods as well! haha

My Make up and look on Christmas eve! With blazer and scarf! haha TOO COLD~~

Sweet Christmas Santa

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Merry Christmas, HO HO HO! Another year of Christmas is coming soon~ Just like I say I am holiday this whole week and my schedule is full of activities!! Too many photos wait for me to edit..zzz.. Can't wait to share with you guys!! This year Christmas is kinda my BEST Christmas ever, hahas! I am blessed with many joy, loves and PRESENT!! I love celebrating Christmas with friends, family and with GOD. 

Okay back to topic, I really felt so happy I can have my Santa shoot with my darling, is my first time though. We actually meet some obstacle when we want to shoot this theme. We suppose to do it on 21st of December but my darling left my make up box at some place and we only can take it the next morning at 10++am. My darling kinda disappointing and can't believe he can left my make up stuff there, lol. We did it on Monday lor, then my darling need to be at lawyer firm at 12:30pm. We suppose to shoot Christmas theme at 1 Utama but when we reach there. Darling say the Christmas decoration is not enough, that time is 10am. We quickly rush to Pavilion and reach there bout 10:45am. Our time of shooting is quite limit and challenging because there will be a lot of people and time is limited!
My last day at Penang, there is just one food you can't miss when you are at Penang that is their PENANG LAKSA. Suppose we are going to some other temples today but as Christian is not that I don't want to see but is just I feel uneasy when I am at that place. Is better that we don't photo of Buddha also, so I am a very good girl who loves God very much. hehes!

The last destination of the day is at 极乐寺. Although I am not very keen to see how was the temple looks like but everyone have to go down from the bus lol. The tourist introduce us to have this place famous Penang laksa here. So here we are.

Is own by this old man. This stall is just beside the main road.

No joke, there is already has a lots of people when is just 11:30am~~

Seats are limited!!

But you can have a seat on the opposite of the 大排档, there got other food stalls also!

Tourist introduce this ABC dessert also!! So nice!! We share among 3 of us with the girls!!

Finally the famous Penang Laksa is here!

You can saw that the fish meat cut until so small ya..so basically the 料 all are focus on the middle of the laksa. RM4 per bowl I super love the sauce he mixed with the laksa. The red chili is not spicy at all ya~~ Basically I'm still okok with laksa because I don't like the smelly food inside laksa such as the onion and the mint leaves. But since is the famous food in Penang, is a MUST try! =D

After lunch we start to walk around the area. Supposingly there is a Cart to up to the 极乐寺 but there will be a lots of people so as we walk along the street we found a shortcut to walk up!

Old house

Walking along the shop. We shop for 豆蔻油, some souviniers and cookies also!

Here's the shortcut, at first we saw it don't know where will it bring us to.

Photo of us before went in! hehe

Inside is place where many stalls of selling Souveniers inside! I bought a lot here ==, 1 couple tee with my darling and I love Penang street art also! You know right we always search for I love xxx cloths when we are in trip together, hahas!

I use quite a lot of time to climb because of my leg muscle pain!! lol Saw all these cute little tortoise here! I didn't climb to the temple. I know the view from up there is very nice because you will be able to watch whole Penang view from there. 

We start our journey at 2pm and reach Kl around 6:30pm. I think everyone is tired so just sleep in the bus. Because the Laksa we actually having it too early until we are all so hungry half way back LOL! I still manage to have 2 pau when the bus stop at the rest area! haha

Whole body ache and the next day my SABAH, KOTA KINABALU trip is waiting for me~~


Hi peeps, Here one blog post I need to write before Christmas. I usually busy during weekends because is the time when I am available to be with my darling. haha So today is 23rd my first day of leave. Just finish the shooting at Pavilion at the morning. The time is quite pack for us because my darling got things to do during afternoon. But everything is perfectly done ya, hope can finish the photos before 25th ya.
Gonna stop my trip first and wanted to write this post first. Because is a memorable day and can't wait to share the happiness with you guys! hehe So we are been together for 1 year and a half. During this journey with him, there is full of happiness and bitterness as well. You can't say that non of the couple that doesn't argue right. We do have argue sometimes and different opinion but we did overcome and still continue our loving life. 

Hi guys, am back with second day post at Penang. Today is our team building with our group. I am quite happy to be in Ninja Turtle as well because everyone is very friendly and fun to be together! haha. We are here and we took our company trip photo here! And so with our group also! Btw the weather is kinda hot so I am prepare with cap and sun block for today challenges.

#1 The escape park

My second post of Penang trip. More and more photo since this post will be until night! hahas. The weather on its day is kinda windy and raining also. So the sun is not bright and shine though. I always wanted to come Penang Art street I kinda act too happy when I visit here. As you guys know that we come here in group and it Sunday the day we visit here. There are a lot of tourist visit here as well and if you want to take photo with the Street art, probably have to line up and wait for your turn! 

#1 Canon street har..sound interesting~ haha
Here goes my Penang post, have many things happen in these 3 days 2 night Penang trip. I really enjoy every moment happen as well. This is my first time to Penang although my darling is not with me. But I do hope to go Penang together with him. haha

We start our journey at 6:30am and reach Penang around 12pm lunch and we went over the Penang Bridge to our next destination. The view of the Penang Bridge I didn't took much because on bus and the bridge keep block me to taking photo of the beautiful view of Penang. 

Here one of the photo that I love much! hehe
Here again and continue my Christmas post! hehe I just went Pak thor date with my darling boy at KLCC before I went to Penang for my company trip. So you would know my next post will be all about Penang! hoho Back to topic, It was quite some time we didn't went Klcc already. The place have quite a lot of our good memory before he start dating me xD hahas 

Our super 晒命 de couple shot at Car !!
Hi all finally I am back from Holiday. This whole week is still my working week, will holiday from next week onward. Can't wait! I still got a lot of blog post to write although my darling told me not to post up everything. But still is very important for me to write blog post to keep this sweet memory forever. Because our memory got limit so is important I write down all my good memory and time spend with my loves one. 

I just watch On Call 36 II, not sure did you guys watch it? I cry too much until I am a bit headache and late sleep yesterday =P Now I hope that I can faster finish my blog post by this week! hehe I wonder when will my room CPU will be back because its been weeks since they move all the CPU, mouse and keyboard until I have to bring my laptop here. wtf..Oh ya, if you guys happen to have DAYRE don't forget to follow me dayre.me/sharonlee because I do mostly mobile blogging at there! Its just so CONVINIENT! haha

Red Sunday

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1st of December is ICT National organise by my company that is why I am working on a Sunday. Saw all there tall trophy is for the students okay, and there are even hardisk, printer and laptop too! 现在的小孩真幸福!哈哈

The Natta Cosme Charity

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Just bump into The Butterfly Project facebook and notice that start the Chapter 6: Blogging for Charity. Since is a no guide blog post and instead is a post of Charity and words I want to deliver to you all.

Woohoo, after the Christmas post for Santa Hermo. I wanted to write a Christmas post about every shopping Center at KL area or any mall I went =P So I start of with Pavilion first! I went last Saturday after my rehearsal at Subang LOL. Nowadays the weather keep raining non-stop so do that Saturday. But it doesn't stop us for Pak Thor and enjoy our movie though. xD 

Christmas is always my favourite month because Christmas is when baby Jesus was born. Since when I am a Christian I always feel bless and loved by the love of Jesus Christ. Although I start to believe in Jesus at age 6 or 7? I still remember that when I small I still believe Santa Claus exist LOL. Because I can always find present inside the socks I hang at my room..hahas. But when I grew up, I stop believing in Santa Claus but instead of Jesus. Its kind of amazing when I still feel Jesus blessing is always on me and my family. But I leave the best part at last, I love PRESENT the most! During Christmas Celebration we exchange gifts with friends at church. Its makes me feel warm and love by all my friends at church! haha, Can't wait!

I don't know how I do it, but do you guys feel like there is white glow surround me xD One of my favorite photo!

Christmas is just around the corner and have you made up your mind for your own Christmas present or prepare any present for your friends. This year The Butterfly Project  is collaborating with Hermo to grant the wishes of lucky butterflies come true through a Christmas Wish Chapter. I feel so happy and excited because Santa Hermo is going to grant one of the lucky butterflies CHRISTMAS WISH come true!!

If only someone could grant my wishes for me this Christmas.....