Today will be sharing my recent favorite earring from Aurelia Atelier. When I first receive the collaboration with them, I was really happy and excited. Although I am not a earrings lover, when I shop at their website I can't help myself but get myself several earrings from their site. 

Aurelia Atelier sells earrings made in Korea which also provide the quality and unique design of each of their earrings. All their jewelry is exclusively made and designed in Korea. Every detail, send out a born with a unique temperament. Read on to see some of my favorite earrings from Aurelia Atelier.

Throwback my birthday post at rêver Restaurant. Rêver Restaurant is a Modern French Restaurant located at Jalan Kuching. Around the area there's a lot of lighting deco for you to take pictures with. However during the day we visit, there raining like cats and dogs where we couldn't take pictures with all the beauty deco. 

At Rêver Restaurant they do not offer spacious dining area,  but I love how it was more to cozy and quiet dining experience here.

Almost forget that I need to update my Face of the Month for July. Before July ended, today look will be featuring the eyeshadow palette from The Body Shop - True Romance Eyeshadow Quad. The Body Shop now has featured a lot of makeup products in their store and online too. Never thought of their makeup products are pretty good and high quality too! It was really fun to play around new products whenever I am working on my post on Face of the Month. 

Thanks again to The Butterfly Project and The Body Shop for this amazing product. Checked out my review here on the products I get from The Body Shop.

Can't wait to share this foodie place that I had the chance try it on the last Saturday!! It's been a while since I joined The Butterfly Project gang since the last Birthday Party on May. This time around we managed to have a short gathering with all the Butterflies again at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ, Ecurve. It was my first time dining here and I can't believe that I never tried their food before. 

This week weekend outfit post is slightly a bit late.  I can't believe that I didn't on my laptop for the past two days. Been so busy going out and I finally buy a new handphone after using my note 3 for 5 years. Although the old phone still in good use,  but I always wanted to look for a phone that can achieve high-quality photos. Therefore I decide to buy a new handphone, I got myself an OPPO hp. Not to say it was a good phone.  But overall performance still up to my standard. 

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Continue on my Anniversary Celebration with Burger & Lobster. Been reading so many reviews about this newly opened at Sky Avenue. Although it's been few months opened, the queue for this place is still so crazy. 

Especially during lunch and dinner hour, you might need to queue for at least 1 hour until your turn to eat. Be sure to line up in the queue early if you want to save more time, which I think is still not possible. 

Every girl wants to have sparkling big eyes! Here's the thing is people always compliment on those girls who have big eyes. But not every girl owns that as well, here's a secret that I would want to share with you girl out there. 

All of their contact lenses from their website are super gorgeous, on top of that their contact lenses are so pretty and looking super natural on our eyes upon wearing it. This time round I only manage to try out their Oh My Spark Brown in 14.5mm.

Finally, I got time to blog about The Body Shop goodies I win during The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party. These products I receive is the essential product that I will use it every day. From Fragrances to Body Care, it was part of my daily routine too. How to let yourself feel good throughout the day? Read through about the journey of me using The Body Shop as my daily routine.

Ohai!! Can't believe that I am here again celebrating Althea Korea 2nd Birthday!! Each year Althea Korea is always bringing tons and tons of surprise and new Korean brand product in. For me, it was very hard for me to control not to click into their website because I know that I will be busy scrolling their products pages by pages. Not only that, I will add more and more products into my cart. In conclusion, I just couldn't stop shopping in Althea Korea. 

Finally, I have started my anniversary post with my high-tea session at Cafes Richard, Sky Avenue. If you haven't done so, you can read it here. So back to my outfit post today, it will be crazy lots of photos. Because since Sky Avenue has opened I haven't been to visit there, and finally I am here celebrating our love anniversary together. I might as well wear my favorite pieces and shoots lots of OOTD there!

Today outfit will be different from what I usually wear as well, the color and prints were what makes me fall in love at the first sight. Scroll down to see more pictures!

A short post here on how I celebrate my 5 years anniversary with my Hubby! This is our first celebration after our marriage, as you can imagine, our celebration was quite near to other celebration dates too. This time I request to celebrate at Sky Avenue, ever since it open I haven't been to visit there. And I know there is quite a few new restaurants open there too.

Counting 5 Years together, it neither to be not too long and neither to be not too short as well. I remember when I told my hubby that we can plan our marriage after 5 years together. But I couldn't have imagined he propose me last year during Valentines and we get married this year May. Time passes too fast that I would definitely be grateful for all the blessings and love that I have.

Hi guys, finally I manage to sort out some time to work on my wedding post on my blog. Today post will be more on the recap of my church and dining hall decor that I have designed and do it myself. A wedding planning is definitely not easy as I thought it was, the energy and time you work on will be very exhausting.

Talk about while we are close to the date, both of us are slacking, tired and stress on what is still left for prepared. Since I take a whole week off before my wedding date, staying at home can be stressful because you might be getting anxious and stress out while doing nothing at home. 

I am glad we made to the day itself, can't really wish or wanted for more. This whole wedding might not be the perfect wedding I want, but at least in my heart, it holds a great meaning and journey for me in the future.

Ohai time to update my weekend outfit post for the week. After a hectic week of rushing all the pending post, I am a free girl now! I will still continue to share my beauty insights and weekend outfit weekly to my readers too. 

If you have been reading the past weeks, I have changed some of my blogging layouts style in my post and my website. Hope you guys love this style of my blogging layout, thanks for the continuous support and love too!

My another unbagging post about the skin care, body care, and some miscellaneous products I got from the 4th Birthday Party! Writing this unbagging post is like never ending surprise of the products to be unbagging! It just got me super excited with all the products I receive during the 4th Birthday Party!

Read on to know more products I receive from the birthday party that day! If you haven't read the makeup unbagging I did, just remember to drop by here by showing your love for me.

Here's my post about the party bag that I got from the 4th Birthday Party with The Butterfly Project community. We got way so many products in this Birthday Party! I can't wait to share all the goodies we got from the BAG!!

I want to do a shout out on our bag which is design by our Mamasan, Tammy Lim! Definitely in love with the totes, hands up for those who love totes too. In this post, I will share the makeup products that I got from the Party Bag!