Can't wait to share this good news with you girls!! Last two weeks ago, I have been introduced to new products from Candour, that is this 3 miracles revitalize hair care series that originally made in Korea. Now is available sales in Malaysia, and all other Asia countries too. I am the few lucky people to able to hands on this goodness and experience the 3 seconds miracle for my hair. To summarise, my hair condition has been bleach and color for more than 6 times for the past two years. 

Don't get fool by my thumbnail photo because this is another weekend outfit post for Christmas. Can't believe that Christmas passes so quickly and now we are welcoming the new year in less than a week. December is such a busy month for me where my work, blog, and relationship life is really busy for me.

Finally here to post about my Singapore trip with babe Carinn! It's been like almost a month ago since w go there. This will be a very long post with all of our photos and photos I took during my trip to Singapore. I guess I consider lucky where the day we went around there's no rain and the rest of days just keep raining non-stop. I am happy also to be able to go to Singapore for a work trip!! Let's move on to our trip.

Can't believe time passes so quickly that Christmas is here so soon. Christmas is always my favorite festive season of the year. It marks the last festive season of the year and this year I together with all fellow butterflies to celebrate our last party together in 2018.

The Butterfly Project Christmas Party 2018 
Venue: Chubbeecloud, Damansara Uptown
Date: 8th December 2018

It's Christmas now and finally I can blog about my first Christmas outfit I take at One Utama. During this Christmas, they have a Kaleidoscopes playroom at the center court old wing area. I have been wanted to come here to see their Christmas decor as well. Thanks, Nicole also for hanging out with me the whole day and taking all these pretty photos for me.

OMG guys I am so excited to share with you guys about this GOT7 media kit that I got from THE FACE SHOP!! In this media kit, I got to know GOT7 Top 3 favorite products from THE FACE SHOP. I guess you have seen from my blog thumbnail. Now let's read on and check out more details about their TOP 3 favorite products! 

Yay finally gonna blog about my most anticipating post!! So me and Nicole we plan for a boba milk tea date together. Not sure about others but both of us are a fan for boba and everything with boba just be extra yummy and delicious. 

As the school holidays and year-end holiday season draws closer, Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia’s premier theme park is gearing up for a grand festive celebration like never before. From 1st to 31st December 2018, Sunway Lagoon’s “It’s Wipeout” holiday celebration will feature exciting activities and events planned for visitors of all ages. 

Milder, for your skin,Richer, in benefits

That's how the quote for secret nature brand. Using only the mild ingredients from the clean and pristine conditions of JEJU land offers a tremendous amount of skincare benefits. The richness that comes from nature is endless and overflowing. We should always depend on the healthy natural environment for our health and happiness.

I love how conscious a brand that only looks for natural ingredients for their skin care products. Read on to learn more about the brand and how their products gonna help you and me. 

I finally blog about this outfit that I have been wearing months ago!! I bought this top during my Bangkok trip and I really love it. I think that's a period where the rainbow outfit is on trend. This top is super bright and stands out when you wear it. And Yeap! I hope I get your attention to read my blog post here.

Here to share another beauty product I use from ALTHEA!! Besides some of the skincare that I use daily, like toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. My weekly routine for my skin is detox and clean my pores using a mask. There are so many different kinds of masks that I have to give it a try, and despite being always so busy on schedule I prefer using peel off masks or even face mask that is quick and absorbs to my skin. 

Renovation are always on the work every now and then whether it is a residential or commercial properties. There are many reasons to do renovation works; to upgrade their old housing development board unit (HDB) in Toa Payoh for rental purpose, to replace the electrical points of the old landed terrace houses or to upscale the new Build To Order (BTO) house interior design. Before embarking on your renovation journey, be clear on what you want to renovate before conveying your ideas and plans to your contractor or interior designer. There are some trendy ideas for renovations to consider that you can convey to your contractor or interior designer. 

Congrats on Hair Color Expert for their 3rd branch opening at Plaza Berjaya. I am really happy and excited that I can visit their salon that is so near to me! Plaza Berjaya located at the exact opposite of Berjaya Times Saure. If you are taking the monorail, you can just go down from the opposite side. Or you can park your car at Berjaya Times Square and walk over too, super convenient.

Like others, I use to struggle a lot to find the perfect sunscreen that is suitable for my skin. At the time we don't want to use sunscreen that is too tacky or heavy for our skin. In this post, I am happy to share with you guys about this Petal Velvet Sunaway that is my current favorite. 

Any IndoMie fan here? I love Indomie when in my college life where we always hang out at Mamak and order one bowl of Indomie for supper time. It is so convenient to prepare and cook as well. Indomie has definitely created a lot of memories when we are young. Now if you wish to try out a whole lot different or more flavor of Indomie serving, you must check out IndoBowl at Sg Besi Lake Fields. Check out their in-house signature red chili and green chili sauce pairing with Indomie!!

How's your weekend? I have the busiest week schedule for the entire week, go to Singapore for a week of Work Trip. Later on back home for a full body checkup the next morning. Luckily my report shows that I am healthy with a slight excess of body fat and eye pressure is high due to eye in front of handphone and laptop all the time. Thank God for good health! I surely have to do more exercise and rest my eyes even more too for my next year resolution.

Enjoy an unforgettable celebration with Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Step inside our magnificent hotel and experience the festive season in style. This season the hotel provides a stunning backdrop to host festive get-togethers, evening soirees, and Christmas parties.

The annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is the official commencement of the holiday season. In a traditionally colorful evening of joy and excitement, the hotel marks the authenticity of Christmas with the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the evening of 22 November 2018 with notable guests of the city along with guests residing at the hotel, partaking in the festivities. The lobby ringing with peals of delightful Christmas carols and a Gingerbread House marks a whole different dimension to the festivities.

In the true spirit of giving, which is really the cornerstone of Christmas celebrations, guests are invited to help build the Gingerbread House brick by brick. Guests may purchase a brick, valued at RM50 (bottom tier), RM150 (top tier) and RM300 (middle tier) and have their name or the name of a loved one piped on it and mounted on the house. Proceeds from the sale of these bricks will be donated to the children of Good Samaritan Home in Klang.

Here to share another beauty products that I recently like to use for face detox! Due to the environment and dust that we always encounter, there are always unseen impurities on the surface of our face. We always have to use scrub and clay mask for deep cleanse into our pores as well. In this post, I will be sharing three powerful products that I really love to use to deep cleanse and detox my face.

It's been a while since I share my weekend outfit here on my blog!! This time around I will be sharing this monochrome stripes outfit with my babe, Carinn. We went to the Robinson Store opening the last few weeks and we manage to plan out our outfit on that night too. Not forget that we took a lot of outfit photos together that I want to share it here in my post.

How do you guys deal with acne prone skin all the times? For me, although my skin is not so much of breakout on and off I still have some break out on my face especially when I late sleep or pre-period time too. It's really a pain in the ass whenever there's big acne pop out! 

Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. To prevent this, we have to make sure that we clean our face thoroughly but how can we ensure that our face is clean even though after cleansing??

Do you suffer from oily Hair Shaft and Falling hair often? In today post, I will share you guys the newly Hair Products that I have been trying lately from GlobalStory. GlobalStory hosted its new series of hair solution named "Full Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask" under its in-house brand, LAB11 at the Eco Sky's Business Lounge on the 27th of October 2018.

About LAB11

LAB11 is a creation of team GlobalStory that has been one of the Top hair and beauty industry market leaders. GlobalStory has 18 years of experience with 11 HairStory Saloon branches, 1 HairStory Academy, 2 SugarNails Saloons and 2 FaceStory Outlets across Malaysia.

Last few weeks, I had attended Robinsons Kuala Lumpur flagship store Grand Opening at Shoppes at Four Seasons Place. This official launch kicked off with a special VIP Night today with specially curated shopping and retail experiences, exclusive gifts, special promotions, fun activities, giveaways and more reflecting the unique Robinsons touch. The spirit of celebration also continues with a Robinsons Members Day the day after and throughout the weekend.

During the grand opening, Robinsons Kuala Lumpur was filled with guest and media that are that day to witness the official Grand Launch of Robinsons KL flagship store. 

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ is a Halal Certified Steamboat and BBQ restaurant. With 150 dishes for you to eat till drop here, You can BBQ your own favorite food or eating it in the soup with their food serving. Not only that they serve and prepare cooked dishes for customers who need some filling food first too! I always enjoy myself here with their food serving choices and event the waiter around are really helpful. Food keeps refilling non-stop and our soup too! 

Back to my Bangkok post where in this post I will summarise all the three cafes I visited during my Bangkok time in July. During our 4 days 3 nights at Bangkok, we just manage to visit 3 cafes. We are basically very flexible throughout the trip. We will cut off a few places that we already set before our trip if we feeling super exhausted and tired from our shopping trip around Bangkok. Basically, this is not a Cafe Hopping trip, therefore, we did not explore too many cafes in Bangkok. One day I will back to Bangkok for Food trip!


Celebrated on 4 October every year, World Animal Day is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare. With a mission to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe, this annual celebration which dates back to 1925 unites the international animal welfare movement, mobilizing it into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals.

I've been dragging this post for the longest time ever! Hahaha, Since my weekend post about the Astaka Morocco, I been wanted to blog about another outfit I shoot at Cyberjaya too. Yes, we literally spend the entire day there shooting and hang out. This Tamarind Square is such a nice place to shoot. Too bad there's drizzling rain when we are there and we didn't shoot at their center outdoor forest area. Most of my photo will be more indoor and play with some of the corners at Tamarind Square.

Hi guys, I been wanted to share and write this post about where to get cheap Summer Rattan Bag? This post is mainly for Malaysian because in Malaysia we are 365 Summer Season All day long except for Monsoon season end of the year.

Finally, I am here to share some good news for all the Malaysian here! HUDA BEAUTY is finally here in Malaysia. You can shop online at Sephora Malaysia Website and APP for Huda Beauty now. Although some might prefer to actually swatch and tested their product in stores, so far you can try and tested only at Sephora KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, One Utama, and IOI City Mall. I do hope other outlets of Sephora will in stock for Huda Beauty. I am really glad that Sephora welcomes a lot of new brands in stores too. Although I can hear my bank/wallet is crying, to be able to know and test try another brand product is also a fun thing to do.

About Huda Beauty

The Dubai-based Kattan, who has almost 8 million followers, opens up about social media honesty, plastic surgery, and Middle Eastern beauty standards. Huda Kattan, best known as Huda Beauty on Instagram, has made a career out of showing women how to channel their inner Kardashians — at least from a makeup perspective.

Who doesn't want a foundation that feels like a second skin on your skin? Continue to read on about my review about this super powerful formula that so thinks and lightweight on the face when you use it! I really love how the feeling of this foundation sits on my skin! With their long-lasting formula, my makeup base looks perfect the entire day.

Do you want to experience Turtle Watching, Hatchling Release and Egg Planting in just one place? Resorts World Kijal here to satisfied your experience that everyone must at least try once in a lifetime! Visit Resorts World Kijal to learn how important to conserve our earth ecosystem so that in the future our kids and next generation are able to experience how wonderful and precious life can be for our mother earth.

Visiting Astaka Morocco during the Public Holiday the start of the month! Finally, I can share all the photos that I did here at Astaka Morocco too. I have cut down to only share some of my favorite ones in this post and in the meantime, I will also update in my social media too. Please stay tuned!

Have you tried out any cleansing tools while you clean your face? All the while I have been using only hand and face cleanser to wash my face. I try to be as hygiene as possible whenever I want to wash my face. But sometimes is hard to prevent and eventually, there will remaining dirt in your pores or your face! Today post I will intro about this Nion Beauty - Opus Express that I have been loving and using it since I receive it.

About Nion Beauty

NION BEAUTY is providing skin care cleansing device in USA based company developed by a team of from USA & Korea which combining Japan cutting –edge technology. NION BEAUTY Cleansing Device comes with Kinectic Skin Cleansing and is the 1st in the Market S-ION Technology which make their brand more different with others brands. 

Their Kinetic Skin Cleansing System uses vibrational energy to delicately break-up and whisks away impurities. It is using gentle vibration mechanism to remove dirt, pollutants, impurities without stripping the face of its moisture. S-ION Technology is referring to the mix of rubber silicone and tourmaline which can generate negative ions to benefit our skin. Negative ions work like tiny magnets that attach to positive charged environmental toxins (dirt) on the skin, creating a heavier element which gets rinsed away easily. 

Mary Kay always has the best beauty products when it comes to their makeup products. In today post, I will review Mary Kay At Play Matte Liquid Lip Color that comes in a total of 6 beautiful colors. Not only that I will share some of my favorite colors and how to turn my style from Day look to Sexy Night look. 

ColourPop is releasing a new collaboration news with DISNEY this time! For all the while I have been a great supporter of ColourPop and this collaboration by far is again one of my favorites COLLAB so far. Disney Princess has been my childhood cartoon all the while. Upon seeing the news that they are going to collab and this makeup releases that they have is insanely beautiful! 

All images are credits from PopSugar, Instagram @trendmood @colourpopcult or Brand itself.

I know I'm a bit late with Athleisure trend in my blog here! So here I am back to my usual blog routine with my weekend outfit post. Athleisure is also part of the fashion trend that I would like to try. Especially getting track pants which can be super chio and fashionable is not that easy. Read on more to know about how I feel about this Athleisure look I created.

Have you heard of Ani-Aging Lip Treatment that without needed any surgery but you can guarantee significant results? Please read on to check out my testimonials and a close look at how my dry chapped lips look nice after applying their Anti-Aging Lip Treatment from Soaddicted Malaysia!

Last few weeks I've attended Lip Party with Soaddicted Malaysia and The Butterfly Project. It feels great to able be a part of this party. The party itself is at The Happ Cafe which is one of the cafes I been wanted to visit. 

Finally, I've updated another Bangkok post here. This time around I will be sharing one of my favorite things to do in the world is SHOPPING GUIDE 2018 version in Bangkok!! I will do a little section of items you can get and shop in Bangkok. Be sure to read up.


Can't believe I get to try out this Oh My Sun Protection Milk from YADAH! YADAH is always my favorite brand when it comes to sunscreen protection. I believe that everyone must be heard before Oh My Sunscreen from YADAH as well. One of their best selling sunscreen and I love using that too!!


YADAH believes in safe and gentle formulations to purify the skin for stronger, healthier skin! All their products are made gentle to skin but yet effective botanical skincare range. 

First Outfit post in the month of September! Today outfit is another favorite outfit of mine in the month of August. Can't believe that is September already and we have less than 4 months till we say goodbye to 2018. Nothing much happens in 2018 but there are some losses happening in my life. I won't say that it is something really matters or important to me, but maybe this might be something really dear to other people. 

But let's not mingle in our loss for a long time, let's move on and appreciate what has God prepared for us now.

Have you guys heard about Ukiyoe x Hinatahina soap? It was my first time know about their product, Lactobacillus Soap by them. We were invited to a brunch at The Ben's Pavilion. Kaylee, the founder of Luxella was kind enough to invite few bloggers to this brunch meeting.

About Luxellaa

Luxella is a platform to introduce high-quality Japanese beauty products to beauty addicts around the world. They're based in Tokyo and have access to the latest products available in Japan.

Yess!! finally going to blog and share about all the pink stores I visited during my Bangkok trip. Not much but there's total of four stores that we visited on our first day in Bangkok. It was pretty rush because we visited the stores until it is their closing time. Thank God that there are not many people and we quickly visit and took some nice shot in their store. If you interested to see all my outfit photos in this cute pink shops, you may click here for photo and here for video.


Time for a beauty review on my blog, this time I will be introduced to this Perfectly Nude CC Cushion from Wada Malaysia. It was my first time heard about this brand as well. In this post, I will share my experience using this CC cushion to you guys. 

As I also been a BB Cushion lover before, this CC cushion is another whole level of cushion. Definitely was something new for me to try out. 

One of my favorite weekend outfit post for the month of August. Sometimes I do get lazy to makeup and get ready for the weekend. Some of the outfits turn out to be more normal and sometimes I really do wear some really nice outfit when I head out.  

In today post I spend time doing my makeup and hair that day. I really love my hair that day too! It matches my entire swag outfit too.



“Say it with flowers!”

Creating moments of love by sending flowers to your loved ones has gotten so much easier as the flower delivery industry booms with the growth of e-commerce worldwide. Imagine selecting your favorite bouquet and arranging for delivery as simple as a few clicks away. 

“用花来说爱!” 随着全球电子商务的蓬勃发展,要向你爱的人送上花束表达爱意,不需再像以前那么麻烦。现在,只要你想要送花,在网站上点击你喜爱的花束,再安排递送给你爱的人就可以了!除了方便,同时也可以为你的爱人,划下充满爱意的回忆。

#TurnUptheGlow with the new face scrubs from St. Ives, America's #1 scrub brand. Made with 100% natural exfoliants, St. Ives face scrubs bring the abundance and joyful energy of nature into skin care to let your skin feel alive, fresh and glowing!

St. Ives feeds your skin with the best from Mother Earth and St. Ives has spent more than 60 years exploring and formulating products that are made from nature. Walnut shell powder is the gentle-yet-effective natural ingredient behind St. Ives face scrubs. So if you are someone who always conscious about the environment and looking for green beauty products. St. Ives scrubs are eco-friendly and microbeads-free too! 

Been so restless the past few weeks that I am no longer super active in my blog! So here's to another outfit that I really like. On this day I attend one event that introduces some Japanese brand beauty products, therefore you can see my outfit is pretty cute and Japanese that day!

(from L to R) Hugo Chai, Director of TP-Link Distribution Malaysia Sdn Bhd; Thomas Bai, Brand Director of Neffos; Ellyna Eng Bte Abdullah, Device Marketing of Maxis Berhad; Jason Xu, Chief Executive Officer of Neffos; Robert Hu, Sales Director of Neffos; and Kerry Yang, Product Manager of Neffos; showing great support at the Neffos Summer Launch at Nexus 1, Bangsar South.

Last month, TP-Link and Neffos announced their exciting range of products, designed specifically to offer consumers a seamless viewing experience, be it at home or on-the-go. The new range of products from Neffos comes packed with FullView Display, larger battery capacity, Arcsoft registered photography capabilities and latest dual-band Wi-Fi technology.

The event unveiled the latest Neffos full-view smartphone range which includes the Neffos X9, C9, C9A, and the Neffos C7A while TP-Link unveiled the Deco M9 Plus, TP-Link’s first mesh Wi-Fi system with smart hub functionality. Teasing the arrival of new innovation, Neffos also showcased its first smartphone with a built-in laser projector capable of displaying a 200-inch image. 

In collaboration with Althea and Get it Beauty, here's come this two skin detoxer mask that suitable for those lazy girls out there. Why do I say so? Scroll and Read below ⬇️⬇️

About Get It Beauty

It's Korea no.1 beauty TV show, introduces new trends and provides resourceful information relating to beauty! From verification by scientific testing to providing chances for everyone to enjoy the beauty products, Get It Beauty offers various and broad beauty experiences across Korea.